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Form Manager Browse Button Feature

Omnistar Form Builder is built to provide you with an input field for collecting information from website visitors. The Form software is complete customizeable, allowing you to collect the data you need from your customers, and includes the capacity for users to upload a file while filling out the form. You can even include multiple upload fields. This system gives you the flexibility to use the software for whatever purpose.

How does this feature help me?

Being able to collect files using the Form software allows you to gather information from site users. This allows you to use the software for any situation where you want to collect email addresses, personal information, or files from your site users. Collect image files for a photo contest, or use the software to gather other documents into your database. The system can then allow you to search this data and use it as you prefer.

How will my customers benefit from a browse button?

Being able to interact with your customers is important because the marketing data you get can be invaluable. Because the software allows you to collect information on your customers, it allows you to improve the quality of your marketing, which in turn helps to provide for your customers needs. The ability to collect files from customers simply improves the options you have for collecting pertinent data, and allows you to use the software for more than just marketing.

Still not convinced?

Our Omnistar Form Builder comes with a full 100% money back guarantee, and includes guaranteed same day support and setup, even on weekends. So really, there is no excuse not to at least try out the Omnistar Form Builder Software so that you can see for yourself how useful a form manager can be.

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