What is Omnistar Forms?

Omnistar Forms allows you to easily create professional HTML web forms with no technical experience. Our software also includes many powerful tools to help take your marketing and customer support efforts to the next level.


Generate Form


Add form to your website


Customers submit information


Easily Communicate with Customers

How Omnistar Solves Your Pain

Create forms with no technical team
Our form builder software is easy to use and does not require technical experience.
Do custom searches for data
Once your data is submitted you can do custom searches from the administrative control panel. You may also do searches for data using any custom fields that you added to your forms.
Gather sales inquiries in real time
By creating professional sales inquiry forms, your customers will be able to submit sales inquiries 24/7. The presence of these dynamic forms will insure that you never miss a prospective customer.

Everything You need to start form building

100% Web Based

There is no software to install or maintain. We manage the software so you can grow your business.

Use forms to capture files

The Omnistar Forms also supports browse button fields enabling you to accept uploaded files from your clients. If your clients need to attach referenced docs to the forms they will be able to easily do so.

Provide web based customer support

The forms created with Omnistar forms can also be used to support your existing customers. Your customers can submit their support issues, so that you can review them and respond back in real time.

Getting Started Wizard

You can use our getting started wizard to get your forms launched in 10 minutes

Communicate via mass emails

If you need to blast out an email to everyone that has submitted one of your forms you can easily do so. You will be able to create a simple text email or an attractive HTML email using one of our 19 customizable templates.


We have a built in editor to help you to customize the software without the need for your webmaster.
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